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Confirm That Your Teen Is Getting A Top-Notch Driving School Education With These "Tests"

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Picking an accredited, reputable driving school (like All American Auto Driving School) for your teenager is the first step toward helping him or her learn how to drive properly and safely. At the end of each lesson, it's ideal to ask your teenager about what was taught that day, but you can take things a step further by actually "testing" the teen to see what he or she has learned. When you're driving together and the teen is behind the wheel — ideally when the traffic isn't too heavy — ask your young driver to perform the following things on the road. His or her aptitude in doing so will indicate how well the teenager is learning at the school. 

Parallel Park

Parallel parking is a nemesis for many new drivers, but the old adage of "practice makes perfect" is certainly true. Don't make your teen try to parallel park on a busy street; instead, find a quieter area and ask him or her to demonstrate what has been learned during the driving lessons. You should watch for the teen to pull up equal with the front vehicle, move the car into position without hitting the curb and continuously be looking around for hazards during the process. If the teen can execute this challenging maneuver skilfully, it's a sign that you've picked a good driving school.

Merging On The Highway

Merging on the highway properly is integral to staying safe, so you want to be sure that your young driver has this skill down pat. Watch for things such as the teen beginning to accelerate on the ramp, checking over his or her left shoulder for oncoming traffic and merging smoothly into the open lane while maintaining the traffic speed. New drivers often struggle with merging in this manner, and can end up hitting the freeway at a speed well below the speed of traffic, which is why it's important to verify your teen's skills in this regard.

Parking Lot Driving

Despite the low speeds, parking lot driving can be dangerous. Put your teen though his or her paces by visiting a local shopping center or supermarket and cruising around the parking lot. You should watch for your teen keeping his or her speed under control, giving pedestrians the right of way and watching for queues, such as reverse lights, that indicate what other drivers are doing. While here, give the young driver a chance to practice some parking — especially backing up in a parking spot.