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How To Help Your Child Prepare For Private School Entrance Exams

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In order for a kid to get into private high schools, he or she is going to need to take and pass those private schools entrance exam. This can be extremely stressful for your child because he or she does not want to suffer the embarrassment of failing the exams and not get into one or more schools. You might see that there are tutors in your area that can help prepare your child for those entrance exams. However, these tutors are extremely expensive and if you are planning on sending your child to private school, you are going to need to keep your savings intact in order to pay for the school itself. Here are some ways that you can help your child prepare for private school exams in your home.

1. Get a Review Book

Many private schools will utilize a commonly used entrance exam test, such as the Independent School Entrance Exam. This means that you can purchase review materials from the bookstore and get a sense of the exam ahead of time. Purchase your child a review book and, in the months leading up to the test, commit to sitting down with your child a few nights a week and going over the sections in that book.

In order to make the most of your review materials, you are going to need to make sure that your child takes one of the practice exams included in the book before you do any review at all. This practice exam will act as a diagnostic tool to tell you where your child needs extra work.

2. Make a Proper Testing Environment

In order for your child to feel comfortable in a testing environment, try to simulate the environment under which he or she will be taking the test. This means that he or she cannot use review materials or notes and cannot talk during the hours during which he or she is taking the test. Getting used to the testing environment allows you to ensure that your child will not perform poorly simply because he or she is intimidated.

3. Take Lots of Practice Tests

Finally, make sure that your child takes as many practice tests as possible. This will allow your child to practice with the wording of the questions and get used to the logic that the test employs. You can find additional practice tests online for free.

For more information, talk to the private school that you want your child to go to (such as New Hope Academy).