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Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Take Dance Lessons

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For many kids, summertime means a break from school. As a parent, summer often means that it's time to find different fun activities to occupy your children's time. After all, just because your child doesn't have to go to school every day, it doesn't mean that your family's schedule is completely free. There are plenty of extracurricular activities that appeal to children, including dance lessons. Before you make a final decision, learn how taking dance lessons can benefit your child.

Helps Build Self Esteem

What you may not realize is that dance teachers teach your child more during their dance lessons than how to dance. Dance teachers constantly tell students to smile while they are dancing, and eventually smiling becomes a habit. Dance teachers also use dance to promote expression and self reflection. Kids often learn to present themselves in a way that's pleasing to them, which helps them learn how to appreciate their own bodies and how amazing they really are.

Teaches Self Discipline

When a child takes dance lessons they learn how to control the energy in their body through technique training. Learning to control the energy in your body is important, because people who are good at self discipline tend to react better in stressful situations.

Provides a Social Environment

During dance lessons, children learn dance moves with other children their age. They move around and communicate with each other. In fact, the entire class works off one another's energy and personalities to learn the dance they are performing. Taking dance lessons is a great way for your children to make new friends in a positive atmosphere.

Promotes Fitness

Does your child get enough exercise? If not, taking dance lessons is a great way to teach her that exercise can be fun. Typical dance classes begin with stretching, dancing itself is a great cardio workout, and dance teachers often end the class with a cooldown period. So, if you're worried about your child's activity level, skip the gym and take her to dance class.

If your child is having a hard time deciding what type of activity she would enjoy, taking dance lessons is a great way to get her involved in a positive activity. Dance lessons are fun. They allow her to socialize with other kids, let her express herself in a positive way, and help her get the exercise she needs to live a healthy lifestyle.

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